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Industrial brushes for metal processing

Customized brushes for any metal processing exigency

We manufacture customized industrial brushes for leading industries in various divisions such as automotive, aerospace, machining, furniture and industrial architecture

Our high quality brushes can ensure reliability, maximum productivity and flexibility due to ever changing work orders, therefore they represent the key to success for any manufacturing need, for example:

  • Eliminate any burr produced by the cutting process
  • Efficiently remove sharp edges
  • Deburr holes of small dimensions
  • Efficiently remove oxide generated while cutting


The deburring process consists in the removal of burrs, which is material in excess in products obtained by mechanical or cutting processes. The deburring has therefore the objective of cleaning the piece by eliminating excess material along the contours and between joints.

For removing heavy burrs we can manufacture knotted wire wheels, which are suitable to remove coating, rust, scale and weld spatter. Our knotted wire wheels are highly used in the pipeline industry.

In addition, our customized bench wheels for are suitable for the most important brands of sheet metal and tube deburring machines.

We can manufacture customized disc brushes perfect for alloy wheels deburring and polishing, but also suitable for efficiently deburring ground flat parts  or machined surfaces.


The satin finishing represents a specific surface finishing of metals

With our vertical rotary brushes, with shank or other connection on request, it is easy to obtain excellent results.

Calamin removal:

The calamin removal process consists in the elimination of the oxide present on the surface of edges of the cut piece. This phase is necessary to prepare the piece for the following processes, such as painting and welding.


For any manufacturing exigency we can produce tufted cylinder brushes or spiral wound brushes with several kind of filaments:

  • Phosphated steel
  • Stainless steel
  • Brassed steel
  • Silicon carbide abrasive
  • Tampico fiber
  • Abrasive cloth
  • Non woven
  • Special filaments available on request

Our technical department is always available to cooperate with customer engineers to develop the perfect solution for any specific and detailed customer input.