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Food Industry

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Industrial brushes for the food industry

We manufacture customized roller brushes and linear brushes in compliance with current food contact regulations.

For food industries it is crucial to choose high quality brushes, in order to guarantee protection of consumer health  and customer satisfaction.

Trebeschi’s brushes for the food industry are the best of choice for
  • Canning processing plant industry;
  • Artisan and industrial machinery for backers and for confectionery industry;
  • Machines for selecting and packing eggs;
  • Machines for cheese processing.

We are aware of the exigencies of the food industry, for this reason we can offer a wide variety of high quality raw materials; in fact we can manufacture brushes for the food sector with several kind of filaments:

  • Nylon 6.6

It’s main feature are great resistance and stiffnes, while termal expansion is low

  • Nylon 612

Thank to lower moisture absorpion, Nylon 612 is the best solution in presence of water and in tough operation conditions.

  • PET – PBT Polyestere

PBT polybutylene terephthalate in the food industry is often required due to its good combination of stiffness, hardness and durability.

  • Polyestere PBT metal detectableMetal detection equipment has been used in food industry for many years. Our metaldectable brushes meet the crucial need of food safety and high quality of the end product.

Our technical department is always available to cooperate with customer engineers to develop the perfect solution for any specific and detailed customer input.